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Welcome to S2dio Supplies

As your local art supplier, I am here to help you browse materials and tools, answer questions, provide recommendations and hopefully offer moments of inspiration for your creative pursuits. My store is an original concept operating in an innovative fashion. My goal is to bring quality products and exceptional service to our creative community and still offer competitive pricing. This is how it works:


I believe artists require the opportunity to touch, see and try their supplies. Browsing products – live and in-person — is important, not only to get supplies, but also to conceptualize and envision a project. Browsing can narrow the focus of a broad idea, usher a concept into more final form, provide fresh inspiration and is the ONLY way to truly judge color and texture.

S2dio Supplies offers our creative community a number of ways to browse our store:

Online Catalog: We appreciate your patience with my work in progress! We'll get this completed ASAP. Once we do, you will find a wide range of inventory presented and described on line. We plan to bring local artists’ insights with examples of their work so you will have a trusted guide whenever you shop. Purchase items online and enjoy quick, LOCAL delivery with no additional fees.

The Shop Stop: You can find the S2dio Supplies bus (VanGo) at various locations around town offering you opportunities for in-person browsing any time. Check our calendar for Shop Stop locations and times. We'll stock as much as we can on the bus. Check the product description – larger items are either in limited quantities or are available by request only. Certain custom items, such as tailor-made canvases and oversized materials, will require pre-purchase for pick-up at a Shop Stop locations. To suggest, request or offer a new Shop Stop location, please, contact us.

Custom Kits: S2dio Supplies specializes in creating custom kits for courses, classes, workshops and more. We work with educators and leaders in our communities to query their supply recommendations and curate a custom selection into kits for purchase. We can arrange for on-campus or in-studio pop-up shopping to make supplying your students as convenient and economical as possible.

Do you have a project in mind but need more time to consider your needs? Perhaps you need to bring items to your studio for proper consideration. Preferred customers can build a customized “Inspiration Kit” to request a selection of supplies for convenient pick-up or delivery. Like a mini-bar, you pay only for those items you use.*

* A credit card must be submitted and held for inspiration kit requests. Materials, tools and supplies must be returned in sellable condition within 2-weeks. All items not returned by the agreed-upon return date or that are returned damaged will automatically be charged to the card on file.
Photo Credits
Shop Stop (kids drawing on bus) = Steve Childs
Bibi in red apron front of bus = Steve Childs
Bibi on Bus = Amy Kincaid
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